The Inner Cleanser That Safeguards The Health and Hygiene of Women’s Bodies

An all-natural cleanser that takes smooth care of the sensitive female secret zone and keeps it healthy and clean

What is Secret Zone?

It refers to the central, most important part of women’s body that includes uterus, ovary, genitals, and vagina. Women’s vagina, being moist, warm, and dark, has the suitable conditions for bacteria to proliferate and therefore is vulnerable to infections that cause itchiness, undesirable smell, inner secretion, and stinging sensation. So a hygiene care that maintains the balance within the vagina and guards it from harmful germs and bacteria is a must.

Why do you need to use an Inner Cleanser?

Women’s vagina is slightly acidic, and when its acidity goes beyond the normal range (pH 4.5), beneficial bacteria die and harmful ones take their place, leading to vaginal infection, stench, and so on. And there are about six kinds of normal bacteria that reside within the vagina, among which lactobacillus bulgaricus that serves a very important role of preventing infections can only fully function under pH 4.5. Therefore, in order to keep the hygiene and normal acidity of the vagina, the secret zone has to be kept under the slight acidic level of pH 4.5, by using Inner Cleanser.


  • Mild inner cleanser for women.
    - Plant ingredients mildly cleanse the pudenda and take care of it on a daily basis, suitable for all range from women with sensitive skin, teenagers, to pregnant women.
  • Patented all-natural ingredients promoting women’s health.
    - Patented plant components (Patent No. 10-0897140) and phytoestrogen improves women’s health.
  • Calming and moisturizing the skin.
    - Ingredients such as witch hazel extract and portulaca extract effectively calm the skin and locks in the moist that is easy to dry out after cleansing.
  • Maintains the optimal pH balance level.
    - It at all times maintains the pH level at the most ideal 4.5, creating a protective cover around the pudenda.
  • Leaves a refreshing, delightful aroma.
    - The refreshing and silky aroma reduces the smell, leaving an all-freshened feeling, pleasant, clean feeling.

How to Use:

  • Wet the pudenda and apply 2-3g of the cleanser on it. Massage thoroughly and rinse it with clean water.
  • If needed, you may also dissolve 10-15g of the cleanser into a basin and do a sitz bath.
  • Strongly recommended for women who:
    - Feel uncomfortable from the increased secretion.
    - Have undesirable smell.
    - Are afraid of sexual life.
    - Want mild cleansing

Main Ingredient 1: Multi EX Phytrogen

  • Composed of eight kinds of all-natural plants that keep the balance of female hormones.
  • Seungma (Cimicifuga heracleifolia Kom.), Hojanggeun (Reynoutria elliptica), Gunggungi (Ligusticum officinale Kitag) roots, red clover, pomegranate tree, arrowroot, Thai arrowroot, soy isoflavones effective for skin elasticity and estrogen balance.
  • Promotes skin anti-aging and hormone balance through collagenesis.

Main Ingredient 1:

Main Ingredient 2: Patented Plant Components

Patent No. 10-0897140: Combined extract from natural plants and ingredients for cosmetics containing such components.

PHTOPY-TF (patented natural ingredient 10-0897140).

1- Restrains inhibitory effects of immune cells.

2- Antioxidant, hyaluronidase restraint, lipoxygenase restraint.

  • Indian lettuce extract.
  • Corydalis ochotensis extract .
  • Woodland draba extract.
  • Goosefoot extract.

Main Efficacy:

  • Atopy treatment
  • Anti-infection and reduces itchiness
  • Wound treatment

Side Efficacy:

  • Antioxidant
  • Skin moisture
  • Prevents acne

Main Ingredient 3: Witch Hazel Extract

What is Witch Hazel?

It is a tree with small yellow flowers, living in the east of North America. American natives used to use its skin and branches to disinfect and heal wounds. Later on, immigrants filtered its pure extracts, which became widely used.

In fact, this has been researched as a replacement for steroid, one of the few crude drugs certified by U.S. FDA to be used as regular medicine. For almost 200 years, it has been used for various symptoms from itchy skin, infection, minor pains, to hemorrhoid.

It has been known for its powerful moisturizing effect, skin calming, improving itchiness due to bacteria, skin contact, allergies, and anti-infection, reducing partial itchiness and unpleasantness (before/after birth and during period), maintaining hygiene after hemorrhoid and constipation bleeding, treating diaper rash.

Lactic Acid: This makes the skin mild and smooth, promoting lactic acid bacteria fermentation. It facilitates the flow of capillary vessels and thus blood circulation, giving nutrition and elasticity to the skin. It cleanses the pudenda with mild anti-bacterial effects, safeguarding it from various infections and diseases.

L-Arginine: Expands blood vessels, antioxidant, reduces healing period.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride: Women’s vagina is composed of PC muscles, so this component acts as the muscle’s fiber, giving it a contracting effect

Natural olive surfactant: Mild surfactant from olives with Natural ECOCERT certification

Eco Cert Certified Natural Surfactant

There is a large amount of saponin, a natural surfactant, inside the soapberry tree’s inner skin and fruit skin, which easily forms foams. So it was used as soap back in the days for laundry, and its skin was used as a shampoo. It was traditionally used as a natural cleanser for Asians and Native Americans.

The fruit’s juice, which was used as laundry soap due to its saponin component, is also classified as ‘fruit for washing hands.’

Soap Berry ===> Natural Surfactant Saponin ===> Natural Cleanser

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