Sayano Shushenskaya Hydro Electric Power Plant Accident Aug 17th 2009

Current Management Style


70% of all oilfields to date are managed traditionally

  • Manual
  • Limited visibility
  • Expensive
  • Not responsive to market demand


Maximize profitability

  • Develop new assets quickly
    • Data Fusion & Strong Analytics for decision making
  • Maximize production from existing assets
  • Safety and Environment protection


Optimizing over all field as a system vs. focusing on the key elements/components (holistic approach)

  • To accomplish this we require highly integrated environment which facilitates:
    • Event correlation & Prioritization
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Data logging
    • Auditing

The Process

Condition Monitoring (CM) is the process of risk minimization through early fault detection

Benefits of Condition Monitoring

  • Predictive maintenance¬†
  • Prognosis of remaining lifetime
  • Actionable Analytics

Downtime Cost Statistics:

A rig costs $500,000/day with an average "spread" cost of $1,000,000/day. That makes $42000/hour and $700/minute.

Smart Oilfield

CM Process + Enterprise Process = Smart Oilfield

Smart Oilfield enables owners and operators to:

  • Visualize their entire operation
  • Call and retrieve data about production effortlessly and seamlessly
  • Collaborate across the entire enterprise to decrease production costs while increasing recovery. (out of Silo)


Communications Requirements

Reactive communication is used for:

  • Analytical agents
  • Diagnostics
  • Monitoring and reporting

Automated communication used for:

  • Self Diagnostics
  • Self healing-field
  • Self correcting

Proactive communication used for:

  • Transacting
  • Prescribing
  • Command and control

Collaborative communication used for:

  • Voice & Data
  • Events and process oriented tasks
  • Exception driven tasks

Unified Management Platform

A management fabric across all systems and bridges enabling operators to:

  • Communicate
  • Monitor and manage production environment

from a single pane of glass.

Smart Field Architecture


  • Minimum surprised outages ~ Increase revenue
  • Enhanced QOS ~ Happy Customers
  • Optimized Safety & Security ~ Low Risk

Maximized Profitability

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