The all-natural cleanser made from herbs protect the precious part of men’s body from stresses and calms it down, keeping it energetic, confident, clean and refreshed. It is a must-have for today’s men.

  • Pure herbal ingredients, no negative impact on the body
  • Mild, safe, refreshing
  • Provides nutrition to the skin, keeping it smooth and elastic
  • All-natural cleanser for men
  • Safe cleanser that keeps the beneficial bacteria and selectively kills the harmful ones
  • Natural olive surfactant: mild surfactant from olives with Natural ECOCERT certification

Unique Benefits

  • Strong anti-bacterial components kills harmful bacteria. - Urology: prevents various genital diseases, hydrocele, pruritus, and disinfects unhygienic infected area
  • Gives nutrition to the skin, facilitating blood circulation and elasticity
  • Provides fiber, improving contraction
  • Promotes cell activation and elasticity through stronger self-defense
  • Gets rid of smell and itchiness
  • 7-Free (paraben, phenoxyethanol, pigment, SLS, mineral oil, animal ingredients, silicon oil) minimized
  • Prevents infections through friction and to facilitate healing
    - The genitals have sensitive skin membrane, being exposed to pollution and secretion, and are vulnerable to friction, stimuli, and other various reasons
    - Cleanser for Men keeps these sensitive membranes clean and elastic, maintaining it soft and fresh, not to mention the anti-bacterial and cleansing double effect, guarding it from various diseases
  • For everyday use in shower
    - Men’s genitals are easily exposed to various bacteria and vulnerable to infections and secretions, requiring caution when taking a shower or doing a sitz bath
    - The ‘Cleanser for Men’ prevents genital diseases through strong anti-bacterial function and takes care of your secret zone

How To Use?

  • Wet the area around your genitals, apply 2-3 pumps of the cleanser on to the skin, thoroughly cleanse, and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • Perfect gift for boyfriends/lovers.
  • After active exercise.
  • For workout maniacs.
  • When he wears tight pants.
  • For office workers.
  • Before intimate relationship.



  • Men’s secret zone is hard to be ventilated
  • According to the Korean Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, more than 70% of Korean men experience eczema. The report says it is as frequent as hemorrhoid or athlete’s foot, and majority of men suffer from its discomfort, extending to even their daily life
  • If washed with body shampoo/shower gel, the genitals become more vulnerable to moist. It is important to keep the area freshened and clean by using a professional cleanser, to prevent itchiness or smell, leading to eczema.


  • Hygiene can do 82% of the prevention!
  • What unhygienic male body does to female body
  • It is not always the case but post-sexual relationship itchiness; minor pains can eventually lead to chronic vaginal infection, pelvic inflammatory diseases, cystitis, which can also lead to infertility, and even uterine cervical cancer. So even 1% of possibility should not be overlooked.
  • Especially with the recent increase in vaginal infections, 82% of the disease can be prevented through thorough cleansing.


  • Sophora: cures itchiness, secretions, unpleasant smell, and selectively kills bacteria. It was used as a cleanser in the old days, too
  • Ascorbic acid: makes the skin mild and smooth, facilitating the fermentation of lactic bacteria
  • Gluconic acid chlorhexidine: mild anti-bacterial cleanser that keeps the genitals clean and protective of various infections and diseases
  • Natural surfactant from olives: safe surfactant from olives with Natural ECOCERT certification
  • EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)
    - This is a natural skin regenerating components composed of polypeptide from 53 different kinds of amino acid. It has strong abilities to heal wounds, frequently used for regenerating treatment after skin stripping. (Official name: Human Oligopeptide-1, Dr. Stanley Cohen received the Nobel Prize)

Ingredient characteristics

  • Patent no. 10-0910747: Excellent combination of 7 herbs effective for skin-calming, anti-bacterial, anti-acne, skin moisturizing, pH balance.
  • Patented 7 natural ingredients including fermented beans, willow tree, portula, cypress, oregano.
  • Excellently anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-infection, anti-allergy.
  • Works for food poisoning and hospital bacteria, aside from skin pathogenic bacteria.
  • Patent No. 10-0897140: Combined extract from natural plants and ingredients for cosmetics containing such components.
  • PHTOPY-TF (patented natural ingredient 10-0897140)
    1 – Restrains inhibitory effects of immune cells
    2 – Antioxidant, hyaluronidase restraint, lipoxygenase restraint .
  • Indian lettuce extract
    Corydalis ochotensis extract
    Woodland draba extract
    Goosefoot extract .
  • Main Efficacy
    - Atopy treatment
    - Anti-infection and reduces itchiness
    - Wound treatment .
  • Side Efficacy
    - Antioxidant
    - Skin moisture
    - Prevents acne .

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